Microfestivus 2010

Just recently posted on Roanoke’s Square Society facebook page is the date for this year’s Microfestivus, Roanoke’s annual beer festival which is put on by the Square Society.  If you’ve been before, you will remember Microfestivus usually occurs during the dog days of summer, and happens again this year similarly, on August 14th.  You’ll also remember, like me, that this means by mid afternoon, the usual 80 or so degree temperatures will be causing the t shirt on your back to begin to stick to you as the lines at the beer booths start to grow longer.  But the while the heat may be one reason to jump back in line for the next beer, it truthfully should be the last reason on the list, or ok, at least second.  The biggest reason to get back out to this year’s event again is that it’s a very good way to get out and TRY SOMETHING NEW and different, and that is the whole point, right?  Right.   I must note that sure, it’s always a little disappointing (but understandable) that there aren’t more people on hand who can answer questions about what you’re tasting, but still, the opportunity to taste new stuff for yourself shouldn’t be passed up, and besides, with an open mind and taste buds at the ready, you’re the one that decides whether or not you care for something.  I suppose research can come later.  For example, before last year I had not tasted so many of Floyd county’s quite good Shooting Creek beers, or Allagash’s really delicious strong Belgian ale Allagash Black, or Boulder Beer’s Anniversary Ale (a really good American Brown).   My friends and I went with went back more than once for the Allagash Black, and rumors among the crowd…. Or perhaps just among ourselves, were that the Black was the first beer that ran out.  This brings up another point.  If you enjoy tasting lots of different and good beer, go with someone else that enjoys the same.  Now, you may be saying “duh” to this but remember, this way, without many ‘answer people’ on hand, you can bounce thoughts of what you like and don’t so much care for (and why) off your buddy, and it truly will help formulate your thoughts and rememberances.  And as you and your buddy begin to wilt in the August heat, it’ll help you formulate your next move, as in:  “ok, what did we REALLY like, because I want to taste that beer one more time before I faint”.

Last year notables included offerings from Pennsylvania’s wonderful Troeg’s brewery, Colorado’s Boulder Beer, Maine based Allagash, Cooperstown’s Brewery Ommegang, plus more regional favorites.  Samples from Floyd’s Shooting Creek, Charlottesville’s Starr Hill, and Foothills Brewing from Winston Salem were present.

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~ by thebeerroad on February 20, 2010.

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