Beer Is Certainly Presidential

This blog is all about beer, period.  I love various kinds of good music, I get into discussions over politics with friends occasionally, and have lots of other interests.  But this all is about beer, all day long.  Yet the subject of today’s blog entry is none other than our current President.  Now, I’m not going to mention who his next high level meeting is with, what’s expected from his next televised address to the people, what the next big bill he’ll introduce is, or where he’s off to visit next, and certainly I’m not going to touch the health care debate (although some beers in moderation are said to be good for health).  Nope, it’s still about beer, and one of the most interesting news items surrounding President Obama since he took to the campaign trail has to be the occasional appearance of…!

While he was on that very campaign trail, there seemed to be the occasional news item of President Obama sharing a cold one with constituents.  Then there was the “Beer Summit” the President held at the White House to try to help defuse the aftereffects of that controversial arrest in Cambridge.  Recently, he’s been seen sipping beer along the sidelines of an NBA game.  Now, we have the news that the Gold Medal Olympic Hockey game between the US and Canada this past Sunday had a wager with beer riding on it.  Apparently, President Obama and the Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada had agreed the winner gets a case of his choice of beer – and with Canada taking gold after an amazing game – a case of Molson should be heading northward pretty soon.  (Why not La Fin Du Monde?  After all, the importance of hockey to the everyday Canadian seems to have the same importance of the fate of the world.)  If the US had won, a case of Yuengling would’ve been sent to the Oval Office.  Personally, I think Yuengling should’ve would’ve been a better choice to send regardless of who won, but that’s just my opinion.  (And with regards to the McKenzies, its not really based upon just national pride either.)

I guess what’s important is that the head man Washington, the “Leader of the Free World”, regardless of what beer names have come up during these news stories, is apparently a beer guy.  Which is fine by me.  I have to admit, if I had some major international summit to host, or was involved in a wager centered around a gold medal hockey game of national identity importance, I too would include beer somehow.  Just maybe a good Tripel instead, or a wonderful stout of some kind, something with layers of flavor – worthy of introspection – so when nothing policy-wise is decided, we can all agree that the beer was awfully good.

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~ by thebeerroad on March 3, 2010.

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