Microfestivus Update, Or Wheat Beers 101

Time to add another brewery to the list coming to this year’s Microfestivus Beer Festival here in Roanoke.  Just like the two other breweries I posted about a couple days ago, this one is also from the region.  Joining Charlottesville’s Starr Hill and Floyd County’s Shooting Creek, Blacksburg’s Bull & Bones Brewhaus is bringing four of their brews to this year’s Microfestivus Beer Festival in Roanoke.  According to the Square Society, who hosts the event, Bull & Bones is bringing their Sun Lit Wit (Witbier), Lunch Pale Ale, Strick’s India Pale Ale and Maroon Effect Brown Ale.

Ok, ready for Wheat Beers 101?  Excuse me, Weissbier 101.  In the earlier post, I mentioned that if you find yourself despairing for a thirst quenching beer the day of the event, both Starr Hill and Shooting Creek will be bringing their wheat beers, specifically their two hefeweizens – which can be refreshing, popular warm weather brews.  The Sun Lit Wit is a wheat beer as well, but is a Belgian style called a Witbier.  Both hefeweizens and witbiers feature wheat in the beer, and because of this, the two are very often confused with each other. In actuality, the two styles are very different.  To very much oversimplify, witbiers use a different strain of yeast, the wheat is not malted for deeper flavor, and are also spiced, most often with (but not limited to) orange and coriander.  They are commonly lightbodied, crisp with a good level of carbonation, and can be a touch tart or lemony in flavor. Hefeweizens are typically not spiced, and use wheat that has been malted, as well as a German ale yeast which helps to produce their characteristically banana and clove like flavor.  Want to try a very good and commonly found witbier?  Chances are you might’ve already tried one, or at least have seen it.  Often, even larger supermarkets carry the widely available Hoegaarden Belgian wit.

When I get more information on breweries coming to Microfestivus, I’ll post it.  The Beer Road wants the beer-curious ready to enjoy the Festival, and also to perhaps try something different this year, if the curiosity gets to you.


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~ by thebeerroad on June 2, 2010.

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