Post – Microfestivus 2010: Did You Have Any “A-ha!” Moments?

Just a few years ago, I finally got it.  While at one of the first Microfestivus events I ever attended, in the summer heat that normally pounces on Roanoke’s annual beer festival, I tasted, for the first time, a Troegs’ Brewery Troegenator double bock, and I had my own “A-ha.” moment.  It is a moment that most craft beer fans will tell you happens to each and every one of them – the moment you realize the value of craft beer, the flavor in smaller brewery beer and difference between this kind of product and most of the beer from the mega sized beer makers, and then, how your life, at least in terms of beer, changes – for the good.  Picking a beer to have is no longer a knee jerk reaction.  You learn that you can truly enjoy it, in a way you haven’t before.

So I thought I’d open up the floor to those of you out there who were there on Saturday.  If you were, and had even just the slightest “a-ha” moment, I’d like to know.    And if you happen to remember what it was that caused it, include that too.  You can let me know even if you had something that you just particularly liked and might buy again too.  Just click on the Leave a Comment link or the current comment number link at the top of this post – I’ll take a look at each one and get them up on the blog as soon as I can.  If you’re fairly new to craft beer, hopefully you tasted several yesterday, and I imagine at least some of them might not have completely turned you on.  Craft brewers work with a lot of different styles of beer, and many can be a little of an acquired taste.  But hopefully, one of those four ounce tastes opened up a bit of a door for you, turned on a light, and might make you re-think the next beer you buy or order, just as it did for me.


~ by thebeerroad on August 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Post – Microfestivus 2010: Did You Have Any “A-ha!” Moments?”

  1. Well for someone who is not much of a beer person, I really enjoyed tasting the cask beer from Heavy Seas. It seem to me much more mellow and smooth. But you can taste a difference just like you can taste the difference in a wine aged in a metal or an oak barrel.

  2. I have to say that the best “new to me” beer I tried at Microfestivus this year was the Black Radish, from Weeping Radish Farm Brewery in the Outer Banks. Very smooth finish, just an all around great beer.

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