Local Roots Restaurant – More Craft Beer Sightings For Roanoke!

In some ways, it was not unlike a typical, busy Friday night at a bar.  While wait staff turned in order after order for beer from their tables, patrons both sitting and standing at the bar asked for glass after glass of brew, in between making conversation with friends and other patrons.  The tap handles hardly ever went untouched.  One after another were ordered, as the man behind the bar worked to keep up with demand.  In between the slowly growing noise of conversation, though, you could tell much of the talk centered around the beer.  Friends tasted each others’, as glasses were passed around within social groups, often followed by an obvious slow nodding of heads in approval.  Looks of curiosity accompanied some of the ordering, as fingers pointed to different taps, while others truly looked as if they were pondering their next choice before ordering.  Wait.  Discussion about the beer?  Looks of curiosity?  Re-think the last time you were at a bar.  Pondering?  Really?  Do any of these things seem typical?

Welcome to the far from typical, craft beer centered, draft beer selection at the newly relocated Local Roots Restaurant.  It would seem fitting, really, for a restaurant whose aim is to feature as eco friendly, fresh, locally produced, top notch fare as possible, to feature high quality, well crafted beer as well.  Ingredients for the outstanding food comes most often from farmers who one would imagine take great care in their work, as the craft brewers behind the beer would.  It all seems to go hand in hand.  And for those in Roanoke who are interested in, curious about, or already knee deep in the craft beer world, this beer selection is a slice of heaven – or more accurately, a sip of it to say the least.

Consider the current selection.  Allagash (MA) White Witbier, Dogfish Head (DE) Punkin’ Ale, Brooklyn (NY) Pennant ’55 Ale, Ommegang (NY) Hennepin Saison, Left Hand’s (CO) Milk Stout, and Smuttynose Brewery’s (NH) Old Brown Dog.  There are even more micro and craft beer selections in the restaurant’s bottled selection, some of which include Shooting Creek brews from nearby Floyd.  The draft choices themselves will not be completely static.  A couple of them have already changed out since the restaurant opened just a couple weeks ago.  In between doing a great job of handling the crowd who had gathered around the bar to sample and enjoy the beer, restaurant management staff member Matt Kirby told me that while there is no schedule necessarily to try different beers on tap, a couple would be changing out soon as they sold through.  For the craft beer curious, this only makes the quick trip down to Local Roots more interesting, because as selection changes, so does the opportunity to try something new.

Not only are the choices on tap a welcome sight for the seasoned craft beer lover, but maybe more importantly are their qualities for those just getting into better beer, and looking to wade more deeply into the craft beer waters.  As a matter of fact, very early in my own craft beer appreciating days, Old Brown Dog, with its deeply delicious, malty flavors, was one of the first beers to quite simply blow my mind.  For anyone caring for stouts but perhaps have only had a Guinness, milk stouts are generally slightly sweeter stouts.  The Brooklyn Pennant Ale is an easily likeable, malty, slightly sweet English style Pale Ale.  The others are also beers that are not necessarily overly bitter, and might not be a tough “like” for someone willing to try.

The food, of course, is absolutely delicious as well, and the restaurant is gorgeous and comfortable, as even the tables and beautiful bar are handcrafted locally.  The craft beer selection on tap is first rate though, bottom line.  Whatever your craft beer background is, the dedication to have beer such as this on tap comes as good news for those in the area.  For the craft beer lover, it might mean tasting an old favorite you haven’t had in a while, or perhaps finding a new one, and for the beer curious, a wonderful introduction.  Either way, get by Local Roots soon, it’s time to start pondering – it’s not going to be a typical beer selection by any stretch.  Thank goodness.

Local Roots Restaurant


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