More Upcoming Craft Beer Festivals – Time To Get Out And Try More Good Beer!

Festival Time!  As always, craft beer festivals offer the easiest way to get into craft beer or if you’re a craft beer fan, discover new favorites.  I posted some information about last weekend’s Top Of The Hops festival in Charlottesville, and here are some links to more upcoming festivals in the region.  Check out each one for ticket, brewery, and lodging information.

September 17th and 18th – River Bend Beer Festival, Scottsville, VA.  On the 17th, there will be a “Connoisseur Tasting Session”, which will feature tastings of a special beer from several of the festival’s participating breweries – think limited release or new styles, which makes this particular segment of the festival interesting.  On the 18th are the “General Tastings”, and while there aren’t a ton of breweries coming, the great majority of them are regional.

October 9th – World Beer Festival, Durham, NC.  All About Beer Magazine hosts four of these huge craft beer festivals each year, and I was lucky enough to attend one a couple months ago in Richmond.  In terms of number of breweries represented and beers to try, this is one of the bigger ones around to get to.  The “beer line up” is yet to be announced, but the website is boasting over 150 breweries.

October 30th – BrewDo, Blacksburg, VA.  Again, not a ton of breweries coming, but all are quality and many are regional in location.  As always with craft beer, it may not be about quantity, but certainly its about quality!


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