Craft Beer Names: Funny, Memorable and Creative. By The Way, Have You Tried The “Smooth Hoperator” Yet?

Craft brewers are half creative souls, half scientists, and we enjoy seeking out and then tasting the fruits of their labor.  Their creative side doesn’t always end with the beer recipe though.  Craft beers are often given some of the most hilarious, out in left field, oddball names you might imagine. Maybe it comes from craft beer playing the “underdog” role in the overall beer industry, and as such, bold and brazen names without the safety of a generic, mass appeal type of character are an expression of their independence, if not fully expected as well.  At the least, names such as “Hoptimus Prime” make for a beer that you’ll definitely remember, and at the most, celebrates the originality of the beer with an original sounding name.  They help create some buzz and an overall character around the beer, such as Stone Brewing’s “Arrogant Bastard Ale”, and there’s also that instant, catchy, “coolness” factor as well.  Nothing like leaning over the bar and asking the bartender “Ah, I have another Dead Guy?”  Even for non beer drinkers, these names can be pretty entertaining – and since most craft beer websites and blogs have already done a Top 10 Beer Name Favorites List, I thought mine was long overdue.  I’m going to try to break mine down into categories too…. Enjoy!

Beer Names That Speak To The Human Condition:

10. Oskar Blues Brewery’s “Mama’s Little Yella Pils” (A very tasty Pils-ner, obviously, and a good beer to have after the worst of days.)

9.  Buffalo Bill’s “Alimony Ale” (At one time, marketed as the most bitter ale on the market, of course.)

Movie References:

8.  New England Brewing Company’s “Imperial Stout Trooper” (When is combining beer and Star Wars references ever a bad idea? Unfortunately, this one looks to be possibly retired.)

7.  Dogfish Head’s “Goser The Goserian” (Yes, for all of you, like myself, who are children of the 80’s.  Just make sure you don’t cross the streams!)

Possible States Of Mind After Too Many Beers:

6.  Boulder Beer’s “Hazed & Infused”

5.  Weyerbacher Brewing’s “Blithering Idiot” (Haven’t we all been there at one time or another?)

Perhaps The Best Actual Beer Descriptions Ever:

4.  Harviestoun Brewery’s “Old Engine Oil” (No letting the name fool you into not trying it; rated “World Class” English Porter on

3.  Foothill Brewing’s “Sexual Chocolate” (The thought “I’ve GOT to HAVE this beer just popped into your head, didn’t it.  You should too.  Delicious.)

And the last two, which are simply on the list for their abilities to either make you remember them, make you laugh, or hopefully both.

2.  Rogue Brewing’s “Yellow Snow” (Does this one elicit any childhood memories? If they’re memories but not from your childhood, I really don’t want to know.)

And last but not least……

1.  BrewDog Brewing’s “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” (No matter how many times I say it, I still love this name.  And at 32% ABV, a name to be taken very seriously.)


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