Show Some Love This Valentine’s Day With Sexual Chocolate.

January 29th marked this year’s debut of Foothills Brewing’s annually released – and widely loved – Imperial Stout Sexual Chocolate.  While Foothills celebrated the date by having a kick-off party at their brewery in Winston Salem, if you were unable to attend it on that day, or if you don’t live in that area, getting your hands around a single pint of this amazing stuff can sometimes make for a bit of a challenge.  Who knew, then, that Valentine’s Day would give you exactly that opportunity, because on Monday the 14th, Sharkey’s in Radford will be tapping a keg of this highly anticipated stout.  If you haven’t had it before, not only can you try this very good beer, but you now have the kind of non-traditional, creative, atypical Valentine’s Day plans that your better half has always wanted you to come up with.  (Or at least that’s how I’d try to sell it.)

If that doesn’t work, just trust the yearly hype – there is always plenty, and it’s well deserved.  True, seasonal releases by craft breweries often bring much anticipation and outright joy from craft beer fans.  But when it’s a highly thought of release by a regionally respected brewery such as Foothills, anticipation can reach pretty high proportions.  With Sexual Chocolate, yes, it’s practically a holiday to stout loving beer fans.  Think the kind of buzz that surrounds the annual reunion tour of some legendary, classic seventies rock band.  If you’re among the craft beer curious in the Roanoke and New River Valley areas, you’ll thank yourself if you can get to Radford on Monday.  Hopefully, your Valentine’s Day date thinks this all sounds just as exciting as you do.  If you’re in need of additional ammunition, and if you’re haven’t had it before, the Foothills website describes it this way:  “….a cocoa infused stout” with a “smooth dark chocolate backbone with complex notes of coffee, dark toffee, and dark fruit”.

Now doesn’t that sound so much better than another box of heart shaped chocolates?

Sharkey’s website

Foothills Brewing


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