Toast American Craft Beer Week!

On the blog, I try to use the words “beer curious” quite a bit.  To me, if you’re beer curious, you’ve been wondering about the wonderful and delicious world of craft beer, and I certainly hope this blog, and others, help answer some questions about that world.  I’m certain that there are perhaps as many questions about craft beer out there as there are possibilities, but as I’ve also written before, that’s the beauty of craft beer – the almost endless possibilities.  This is a world not scaled down to a few choices in beer, but open to the dozens of styles that have come before throughout history, and to styles just being born.  It is also, of course, a world of brewers dedicated to making flavorful, well crafted beer, more artists of their trade than anything.

For these brewers, the fans of craft beer, and of course, the beer curious out there just getting into this world, this is YOUR week.  May 16th through the 22nd is American Craft Beer Week, an event promoted by the Brewers Association, and according to, events celebrating it will be held in all 50 states this year.  Festivals, tastings, brewery tours, and more are being held all across the country this week to celebrate craft beer.  For the beer curious, this is your time to ask questions, look for answers – oh, and find that beer which will further spark your curiosity.  I promise there’s one out there for you.  (I just might be able to help you find one, by the way.) For those already into craft beer, it might be time to revisit an old favorite, or expand to new horizons.  Either way, it’s always a good time to support one of those craft breweries nearby, and support a local brewery.  It’s also time to thank those hard working brewers at craft breweries across the country, giving us those limitless possibilities.  After all, the state of craft beer right now in America has brought this country a respect for well made beer world-wide.  At least, it will be a week to sit back and reflect on the wonderful, immense world of great, well crafted beer.  This kind of reflection, of course, is best done while enjoying a favorite craft brew.  But you knew that already though, didn’t you.

Events in my own area are kicking off with a Sierra Nevada tasting at Sharkey’s in Radford today, starting at 7:30.  If you’re in Roanoke, get by Wine Gourmet on Franklin or Mr. Bill’s Wine Shop on Brambleton and ask for a recommendation.  And for those looking forward to First Fridays this week, Victory’s Golden Monkey Belgian Tripel, Legend’s Brown Ale, and Starr Hill’s “Festie” will all be available.  Enjoy American Craft Beer week!

More great information can be found at Craft and the Brewer’s Association Website!


~ by thebeerroad on May 16, 2011.

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