Craft Beer Loving Minds Come Together – Local Roots Restaurant Lets The Beer Road Make An On Tap Pick! (This Could Be Dangerous)

The fine folks down at Local Roots Restaurant, dedicated as they are to craft beer, graciously asked me recently to suggest a new beer to put on tap there.  Since everyone involved always tries to keep one eye towards regional breweries, the pick came from Virginia, and it’s a good one.  So, thank you to the crew at Local Roots – at their beautiful bar, they are currently pouring the very good St. George Brewing (Hampton, Va) Pilsner!  A quick write up of the beer is below, followed by a quick look at the history of Pilsners in the post below.

A few things make for a good, tasteful, refreshing beer.  Good Pilsners are these things and more.  With St. George Brewing’s (German) Pilsner, it starts with the style’s trademark sharp crispness.  Add to this a slightly oily, slightly herbal hop flavor, bitterness which is no slouch but doesn’t dominate either, add a detectable toasted, slightly sweet malty layer, and you not only get one fine, easy to drink, great-on-a-warm-day beer, but a great version of the style.  There are a lot of imitators out there in the world of would be, wish-they-were Pilsners.  Here, there is no deception – from all accounts, this is a very fine example.  And for any of those would be beers, this is very much what any good, crisp lager should be.

Visit the website for Local Roots Restaurant, in Grandin Village, Roanoke, Va

Visit the St. George Brewing Company Website


~ by thebeerroad on July 22, 2011.

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