Microfestivus Ticket Give Away!

***UPDATE:  Ok, both tickets are spoken for, and congrats to the winners!  The answer is of course Devil’s Backbone, from Roseland Va, in Nelson County.  Make sure you visit them at Microfest this weekend.  Jason Oliver, the Head Brewer there, is as nice and interesting as they come, and there’s the chance he might be there.  At any rate, the brewery isn’t far away from our area, a gorgeous drive, easily reached from Roanoke, and therefore makes for a great day trip.***

Over 100 different beers.  About 40 breweries.  In 4 days.  It’s that time again in Roanoke, area craft beer fans and the beer curious – Microfestivus, our own craft beer festival, is this Saturday.  As always here at the Beer Road, it’s time to promote the sheer value of beer festivals in general.  And yes, it goes beyond just the fact that there’s a whole bunch of very good beer all in one place.  If you’re curious at all about different styles of craft beer, festivals like this give you an immense opportunity for to see what you might like, and satiate your beer curiosity.  After all, there’s a whole bunch of really good beer in one place.  As I mentioned in an article recently published in The Valley Blend magazine, you don’t have to stand in the beer aisle at the beer or grocery store, glancing at the vast selections and wondering what you’d like.  No ordering a full glass of something you’re curious about at a restaurant and being unsure about what exactly you’re in for.  Not at festivals, especially large scale, successful ones like Microfestivus.  Because at events like these, the advantage is one price, plenty of different beers, lots of different styles, and therefore the chance to find something that you truly like – or perhaps absolutely love.  Curious about Milk Stouts?  Ready to finally try an India Pale Ale?  This IS your chance.

For a couple of people, it gets even better.  The hard working folks at Microfestivus were gracious enough to allow me to give away two regular admission tickets for this Saturday.  Now, I gave away a couple tickets for June’s Big Lick Brewtopia, and made it pretty easy.  All you had to do was respond in time.  This time, I figured I’d at least put a little challenge to it.

This year will be the first year at Microfestivus for a couple of Virginia breweries.  One of these is a stop on the appropriately named “Brew Ridge Trail”, a collection of fine Virginia breweries located in and around Virginia’s gorgeous Nelson County.  The first couple folks to respond (remember, click on the “Leave A Message” or the white Number of Comments link at the top of this post) with the correct answer get a regular admission ticket each to Microfestivus this weekend.  Oh, and don’t forget to stop by all the Virginia breweries which will be in attendance!  I’ll be checking back later this evening on the responses.


~ by thebeerroad on August 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Microfestivus Ticket Give Away!”

  1. Devil’s Backbone, perhaps? Surely Starr Hill has been there before!

  2. Gotta b Devil’s Backbone

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