Extend Your Oktoberfest Celebration At Local Roots Restaurant Next Wednesday!

Ah, Oktoberfest.  In case you weren’t able to make it to Munich this year, or even if you planned to celebrate at home but couldn’t find your lederhosen, there is still time left to enjoy fall’s biggest party.  Here in Roanoke, Local Roots Restaurant will be having an Oktoberfest Celebration next Wednesday evening.  Traditional German fare will be served, with homemade brats or Jaeger Schnitzel the likely main course.  A reception will kick things off at 6:30, followed by appetizers around the restaurant’s gorgeous Ambrosia Maple bar (if you haven’t seen the bar, or been to the restaurant and haven’t noticed, it’s not too be missed).  Additional food served during the three course meal will include mussels and a beer float.

Of course, what would Oktoberfest be without the beer, so each course will be paired with a particular seasonal brew.  A yearly favorite and German import, Hacker-Pschorr’s Oktoberfest, will be on hand.  Keeping in tune with Local Roots’ dedication to serving craft beers, additional brews to make the dinner list will likely include Legend’s (VA) Oktoberfest, as well as Starr Hill’s (VA) Boxcar Pumpkin Porter and Flying Dog’s (MD) Raging Bitch Belgian style IPA.

Anyone familiar with the amazing food at Local Roots will tell you that any dinner there is a mouth watering, culinary experience – mixing it with an Oktoberfest style celebration of German food, Oktoberfest and seasonal craft beer makes it absolutely can’t miss.  If you’re planning to go, please call the restaurant at 540 206 2610 for additional details and tickets (please see more information on tickets below).  So in case you didn’t make it to Germany, not to worry – there is still time to enjoy Oktoberfest.  Make it down to Local Roots, and plan for a delicious, fun evening, even if you still can’t find your lederhosen.

Local Roots Restaurant Oktoberfest Celebration, October 19th, at 6:30.  There are two ‘tiers’ of tickets – one that includes the beer pairing portion of the dinner for $55, one without the beer for $37.  PLUS, just mention you saw this write up here on the beerroad.com, and Local Roots will discount your ticket by $5!  Don’t forget to call the restaurant for ticket info!

Visit the Local Roots Restaurant Website Here.


~ by thebeerroad on October 13, 2011.

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