A Preview To Microfestivus? I’d Say You Have Our Attention…

Already looking forward this year’s Microfestivus?  Roanoke’s annual craft beer festival is marking its fifteenth anniversary this August, a proud birthday of sorts for an event with plenty of ways to toast the date.  Personally, Microfest, which has grown to become one of the leading mid Atlantic events of its kind, has been marked on my own calendar for some time now.  If the anticipation is getting to be a little much though, help is right around the corner.  Organizers for Roanoke’s annual arts and crafts event, Festival In The Park, is planning on hoping to build upon the appeal of Microfestivus, and is showcasing a Microfest Preview along with its regular line up of activities next weekend, May 26th.  Consider it a primer for the main event – yes, something to curb your appetite until August!

There will be all of the usual, wonderful reasons to attend Microfestivus – a chance to spend an afternoon tasting delicious craft beer outdoors with friends, the chance to find a new favorite beer or style, and for the true craft beer fan, a chance to sample something they perhaps haven’t had before.  A number of Virginia based breweries will be featured, including Devils Backbone, Starr Hill, and Legend.  Others on hand will include Heavy Seas, Victory Brewing and newcomer to the area Goose Island from Chicago, a bit of a legend among the craft beer scene.  Among the beers which will be featured and are somewhat uncommon to find will be Legend’s Doppelbock, Victory’s Summer Love, and a brew from Starr Hill’s limited release collection, their All Access Saison.

A few more details are available at the Festival website here.  There are few things better than spending an afternoon outside, tasting good beer with friends.  Here in Roanoke, we won’t have to wait until August to do so – time to get ready for Microfest this coming weekend!


~ by thebeerroad on May 19, 2012.

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