Heading Out To Microfestivus? Let’s All Find A New Favorite Today.

Good morning to all those heading out to Roanoke’s craft beer festival Microfestivus!  There are several posts that I’ve written on the blog this week that hopefully might give some suggestions as to what to try today (links to this week’s posts are over on the right sidebar), but no matter what is poured into your tasting glass, the biggest recommendation anyone could possibly give, I believe, would simply be to try something…different.  With all the possibilities in beers and beer styles that will be available, the chance you’ll try something you might truly love, and take away with you as a new favorite, is pretty high.  Revisit some old favorites, sure.  But trust your curiosities, as well as your intuition, and go with them.  “Go with your gut.”  (Oh, and don’t forget, taste with your nose as well as your tongue, aroma adds so much to how we interpret flavors.)  But truly, at least in my opinion, the best memory from a craft beer festival, other that you had a blast of a time, is that you came away with a new type of beer, or a specific one, that you absolutely can’t WAIT to get another of.

It was like that for me years ago – I still remember that taste of Troeg’s doppelbock Troegenator, before I was truly bitten by the bug of craft beer.  I had no idea what I was asking for, but when it hit my mouth – wow – I had no idea beer could taste this way, so good, so different from anything else I had ever tasted.  The doors opened up to a world of possibilities that day, and as they say, I never have looked back.

Enjoy the festival today, craft curious folks, thanks for checking out the blog this week if you have, have a blast, of course be safe… and save at least a few of your pours for something different… a new favorite might be right around the corner at the next booth.



~ by thebeerroad on August 11, 2012.

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