Next Saturday, Blacksburg Brew Do Has All The Answers.

“So, what is it like?”  It’s the natural beginning to the most common of conversations overheard at beer festivals.  Stand in a few tasting booth lines, and you’re bound to hear it quite a bit, even enough to begin taking the question, and then its value, for granted.  But the opportunity to ask the question so many times at one location should never be taken lightly.  Given that diversity of styles is one of the cornerstones of the American craft beer revolution, the opportunity to taste a wide variety of beers and beer styles in a single location, like at next weekend’s (Oct 6) Blacksburg Brew Do, is one that many craft beer fans hold quite close to their heart – or perhaps more accurately, to their taste buds.  Craft breweries are constantly stretching the boundaries of styles and flavor, and with them, always keeping the craft beer fan’s curiosity on edge. In a way, the question “So, what is it like?”, and how often it’s asked, is both a reflection of the constantly changing releases from craft breweries and the always watchful craft beer fans who want to try them, and as any of those fans will tell you, asking it never truly gets old.  It’s also seems like the best way to introduce the two – second only of course to actually drinking the beer.

This year, Blacksburg’s Brew Do will offer even more chances than before to begin that conversation.  The number of breweries represented this year has increased to nearly 40, about ten more than last year.  Of course, the breweries will range from local and regional ones such as host host Bull & Bones and Devils Backbone to the more nationally known, such as Sierra Nevada, Rogue, and Goose Island.  The event organizers currently have a list on the event website of not only these breweries, but a list of individual beers which should be available and a brief description of each, always helpful as a way to plan out what to try.  Some of the listed beers of note include several pumpkin beers, currently “in season” of course, as well as some excellent IPAs, including Southern Tier’s (NY) 2xIPA.  Not into the bitter brews?  Heavy Seas (MD) will apparently have their “Plank II” doppelbock on hand, and for a craft beer take on the golden colored lager, Flying Dog (MD) will have their under appreciated Underdog Atlantic lager.  Just remember, as a general rule of thumb if at all possible, start with least bitter and move to more when tasting beers.  Bitterness has long lasting and taste numbing effects on the palate.

Tickets will be available at the gate, but organizers are recommending picking them up beforehand at both Blacksburg Kroger stores or through the event website.  Of course, there will also be a home brewing tent including samples and beer making demonstrations, and talks given by some quite knowledgeable beer experts, including Virginia Tech’s well known professor and champion of wine and beer appreciation John Boyer.

Yes, those in attendance at next weekend’s Brew Do may hear that often mentioned question many times throughout the day, but when talking about craft beer, it’s a question that never gets old.  While it may seem like an innocent way to begin a conversation, so much can come of the simple little question “So, what is it like?”.  It can often signal the discovery of a new favorite beer, or open the door to styles never tried before.  It is the chance to open up a new conversation, of sorts, between the wonderful and delicious efforts of craft brewers and craft beer’s ever curious fans.  So come out to the 4th annual Blacksburg Brew Do – all sorts of wonderful answers await.

Visit the event website here!


~ by thebeerroad on September 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Next Saturday, Blacksburg Brew Do Has All The Answers.”

  1. Do try that Plank II. I had it at the Top of the Hops Beer Fest in c’ville last weekend. It was very tasty. There were quite a few porters, stouts, and black lagers. More than last year!

    • Scott – thanks for the recommendation! From the description it looks pretty darn good. The entire lineup, if it holds, has quite a few notable ones to seek out…

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