Weekend Tap Update, Post Valentine’s Day Edition. (Or, Sexual Chocolate Edition. Need I Say More?)

Foothills Sexual Chocolate StoutValentine’s Day was not yesterday, regardless of what the calendar said.  At least not as far as stout fans in Mid Atlantic states were concerned.  That came on February 1st, when Foothills Brewing tapped the first keg of their highly sought after, once a year release Imperial Stout Sexual Chocolate, and caused those stout swoon once again over the deeply roasty, smooth as silk, pitch black ale.  Tasting notes include a velvety body, flavors of molasses and faint raisin or plum, some bittersweet chocolate, possibly a little roasted coffee, with some heat from the alcohol.  When tasting, let this warm some, as all those flavors and the smooth body will continue to show themselves.  It is a top tier Imperial Stout to be certain.  But in case you doubt how some folks go nuts over this beer, consider that people were allowed to start lining up outside the Winston Salem brewery at 2am the night before the release, camping was allowed, and there were local police officers on hand just to make sure things remained calm.  Yes – it’s that big of a deal.

Here in Roanoke, as far as I remember, the first time Sexual Chocolate even made it to the Star City on tap was last year, at Blue 5.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the downtown restaurant has plans to have it again.  I’d watch for facebook related news from any of the spots on town that regularly have craft beer on draft throughout the day.  But just in case you aren’t the wait and see type, and in case you weren’t in line at the brewery that cool evening earlier this month, and are hoping to get a taste of the beer this year – and especially if you have never had it before – I happened upon a tap of Sexual Chocolate late yesterday at another downtown eatery, Blues BBQ Company, down on the city market.  This is another beer, like last weekend’s release of Bell’s Hopslam, which will not last long on tap no matter where you find it, so let’s just say…consider leaving work early.  It’s Friday, after all, so meet your friends for a pint of this rich, decadent experience of a beer.  Especially if you’re a stout lover.  Or, in case you’re life currently involves a sweetheart, tell them you’re officially extending Valentine’s Day.  If they’re a stout fan too, they’ll love you even more.


~ by thebeerroad on February 15, 2013.

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