Weekend Tap Update, Roanoke…From Coffee Stout To Extreme IPAs, It’s Time To Stretch Out Your Taste Buds.

New craft beer on tap this weekend in Roanoke is a story of extremes.  For those who often reach for a stout first, and especially those of which who couldn’t get out on Wednesday night for the release event at Wasena City Tap Room for this beer, Starr Hill’s (Crozet, VA) new “Little Red Roostarr” Coffee Cream Stout will likely show up at many locations around town.  Of course, Wasena City should still have it available from the event, and expect it at all the usual locations for craft in Roanoke.  Generally speaking, beer style descriptions are used far, far too often, especially with the way craft brewers stretch the boundaries of them every day.  But in this case, the style does give a little useful information.  According to the name, Red Roostarr is a “Cream Stout”, a beer style also known as “Sweet” or “Milk” Stout, and as mentioned on Wednesday’s post about the Wasena event, is called this due to the addition of lactose sugar to the beer, which complements the “roasty” or otherwise rich taste of the stout.  Starr Hill’s website also mentions that the beer features some caramel and chocolate like notes in the flavor, and ones of coffee in both the flavor and aroma.

Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada Rhizing Bines IPA LabelFor those who go for something with a little more hop presence, a peek at Blue 5’s list shows that the downtown restaurant will be putting (or perhaps did so late last night) “Rhizing Bines” IPA on tap.  The beer is another collaboration brew between Dogfish Head (DE) and Sierra Nevada (CA), two breweries known for having their own unique ways to add additional hop character to their beers.  Dogfish has long believed in and implemented a continual, gradual hop addition over long periods of time, which give standards such as their 60 Minute IPA their name.  Sierra Nevada developed what they believe is a better way to “dry hop” (hopping during fermentation) their beer, creating a “torpedo” like stainless steel vessel which the fermenting beer passed through, and gives, of course, beers like their “Torpedo” Imperial IPA its name.  Both techniques were used in this collaboration beer, as well as a couple newer varieties of hops and each brewery’s signature yeast strains, for a true joining of forces in the creation of Rhizing Bines.

Just in case that doesn’t take care of your hop fix, Martin’s Grill downtown added Sixpoint Brewing’s (NY) delicious Imperial IPA “Resin” to their taps over the last couple days.  Resin is arguably one of the best of the Double IPAs out there, and for those who are perhaps just getting into the extreme ranges of hop flavors and aromas, and how they can be unleashed in a single beer, this is not one to miss.  There is a caramel sweetness to Resin, sure.  But it barely contains the hop aromas and flavors waiting to burst out with every sip – a bit like trying to put a hippopotamus in a hammock.  Just as soon as it seems to wrap itself around the flavors (which include pine resin, solid “dank-ness”, some tobacco, and a big juicy, rush of juicy grapefruit plus rind), it loses control of them and they are all you can handle – that hippo is ticked and bearing down at you.  But trust me, this is a good thing.

In case you want to get a jump on St. Patrick’s Day, Local Roots is adding Brooklyn Brewing’s (NY) Dry Irish Stout to their line up.  While it’s a beer style that may be more known by one particular name (one guess which one), it is a style that otherwise doesn’t often get its due.  Finding a version of it that is both easily drinkable as well as flavorful can be tough, yet Brooklyn’s nails both of these requirements down with ease.

As the day heads continues on, it’s likely we’ll see a couple more interesting additions to the new craft beers on tap in Roanoke, this may be just the tip of the iceberg.  But even with these new ones, and of course with all the countless existing taps around town, it’s yet another good weekend to head out and find a new favorite, and celebrate old ones as well!  Cheers!


~ by thebeerroad on March 8, 2013.

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