Weekend Tap Update, “Game of Thrones” Edition (Updated)

Local Roots Restaurant, Roanoke, VaEarlier today, I posted some information about the new beer Brewery Ommegang created in “support” of the HBO series Game of Thrones.  Apparently, some of the folks who work at the brewery are rather big fans of the series, enough to create an ale in honor of it, called “Iron Throne”.  Just in case you are curious about the beer, and especially if you share the brewery’s adoration for the series, and would be of course planning to watch the season three premiere this coming Sunday night, Local Roots Restaurant will be putting the beer on tap that afternoon in order to perfectly get you in the mood.  Restaurant manager Brian Sallade, himself a fan of the show, got the idea after bumping into one of the show’s stars during a recent trip to New York.  The beer will go on tap starting at 5pm.  Still no word on whether Brian will be dressing up in period clothing in honor of the event.  (How ’bout it Brian?)  Also of note, Local Roots has added to their taps the Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada collaboration beer Rhizing Bines as well.

In case your beer related itinerary needs some filling in before Sunday, Blue 5 Restaurant will be putting Bell’s Brewing’s annually released and fan favorite, pale wheat ale Oberon on tap Friday afternoon.  Chances are decent that if you’re a craft beer fan, you’ve tried Oberon before.  But if you haven’t and wonder why you should get excited about a wheat beer – after all, it isn’t a cabernet barrel aged, vanilla bean infused stout or the latest, greatest, biggest IPA to come around – Oberon might just make you a believer.  Parties and events are held throughout the country for its release each year.  For a style of beer (Pale Wheat/American Pale Wheat) known and often marketed as a summer seasonal, it is certainly a standout example.  Oberon matches up its body and its flavors quite well; a medium, creamy, smooth body carries several flavors to your palate, all as faint to put your finger on but as noticeable as waves of heat coming off the sand on an August day, including a little spiciness and some almost obscure, orange-ish, citrus like tastes that will have you wishing for summer before you know it.

A taste of summer on Friday, medieval inspired brews by Sunday.  Is it just me, or do the craft beer weekends in Roanoke keep getting more and more interesting?  Find a new favorite, stay curious!  Cheers!


~ by thebeerroad on March 27, 2013.

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