Come Welcome Forest’s Apocalypse Brewing To Roanoke Wednesday Night!

Apocalypse Ale Works Night at Blue 5 2Wednesday night, the beer curious of Roanoke will get a chance to taste beers from one of the newest breweries in Virginia, from right up the road in Forest, Apocalypse Ale Works.  After roughly a year of planning and getting the brewery up and running , husband and wife team Lee and Doug John are finally brewing, centering their efforts around two flagship brews, a wheat ale called Golden Censor and an imperial red ale, Hoppocalypse.  A few seasonal offerings have also made appearances at the brewery’s tasting room and deck in Forest.  Tomorrow night, Lee will be on hand at Blue 5 in downtown Roanoke showing off at least three of their beers, including the wheat and red ale.

I had a chance to stop by their tasting room just a few days ago and try both of these beers as well as a stout and Belgian dubbel style beer.  All were extremely good in their own right.  Golden Censor was what you’d hope for in such a beer, easy to drink and not a challenge for the taste buds to comprehend, but without sacrificing flavor.  Apocalypse adds orange peel during brewing for an added layer of taste.  Calling Hoppocalypse a contrasting work, however, would be no small understatement.  It is a big beer, with plenty of citrusy hop flavor riding on top of a somewhat rich, sweet malt wave, with ample bitterness, and a bit of alcoholic heat.  Both of these beers are good selections for showing off the spectrum of what the brewery is capable of, and are definitely worth a taste.

The event gets underway at 5 pm, and a limited number of folks will receive glassware with the brewery’s logo.  No matter how many beers are available, it will be certainly be another great example to celebrate and toast Virginia’s ever growing craft beer legacy.  This time, it will be with the tasty ales from one of the state’s newest breweries, and for those of us in Roanoke, one of the closest as well.  Cheers to Apocalypse Brewing!

Visit their facebook page here!


~ by thebeerroad on April 16, 2013.

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