My Pick Of A Favorite Season? Craft Beer Festival Season, Of Course.

Microfestivus 2011Part social event, part reason to spend a nice spring or summer day outdoors with friends, part easy way to try lots of great beer in one place – whatever the reasons you attend craft beer festivals, it always adds up to a fun time.  Technically, you can find events throughout the country happening just about any time of year.  Personally, I enjoy outdoor festivals during warm weather.  Little compares to the simple enjoyment of tasting good beer on a (hopefully) clear and sunny day.  Add to that the chance of uncovering some new beer you haven’t had before, especially if it impresses enough to become a new favorite, and you have one quite memorable day to be sure.   With that in mind, below is a list of craft beer festivals which are coming up the next few months in Virginia, listed by date.  I’ve also included, to the best of my knowledge, some basic ticket information as well.  Mainly I’ve included what types of tickets are available, and what they include in terms of number of tastings.

May 11 2013 – The Virginia Hops and Barley Festival, Midlothian VA (Ticket includes unlimited tastings)

May 18 & 19 – Virginia Beer Festival, Norfolk, VA (Two ticket tiers, it’s a little unclear on event website about number of tastings for each)

June 8 2013 – Big Lick Beertopia, Salem, VA (Two tiers, one for 10 tastings, the second for 20 tastings)

June 22 & 23 – Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest, Leesburg, VA (Last year, I believe admission included 4 tasting tickets, additional tickets available for extra charge)

August 10 – Microfestivus, Roanoke, VA (Two ticket tiers, one for 10 tastings, a second for 20)


August 24 – Virginia Craft Brewer’s Festival, Nelson County/Roseland, VA – Held on the grounds at the Devils Backbone “Basecamp” Brewpub (Last year, I believe the ticket included a certain number of tastings, additional, larger sized offerings were available for an extra charge)

September (Date currently to be decided upon, according to the website) – Top Of The Hops, Charlottesville, VA (Ticket usually includes unlimited tastings)

August 19 & 20 – Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival, Virginia Beach, VA

Of course, I’m positive there are other festivals out there, and if you know of any, please add them through the Leave A Comment link at the top of this post.  Also, it goes without saying that there are plenty of weekly events throughout our state to keep an eye and ear out for – tap takeovers, special release days, weekly beer tastings, and the like.  As craft beer interest continues to grow in Virginia, opportunities to expand one’s beer curiosity seem to be popping up everywhere.  Keep a lookout, and I hope you find a new favorite soon!  Cheers!


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4 Responses to “My Pick Of A Favorite Season? Craft Beer Festival Season, Of Course.”

  1. Hey this is Ed over I found some more festivals!
    May 4th Brewridge Music Festival
    April 27th Gnarley Hop & Barley Fest
    May 11th Main St Brew Jam
    May 25th Valley Fest
    That’s what I have at the moment. I’ll share more as I find them. ‘

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