Microfestivus ’13 Update: A Legend Brings A Limited Release

YesterdaLegend Locomotive 231y saw a couple of limited/seasonal beers added to this year’s Microfestivus line up, Heavy Seas’ Holy Sheet and Victory’s Sommerbock.  A quick check of the latest and final version of the festival map shows that at the Legend tent, an “Urban Legend” beer will be available, but doesn’t say which one – the title “Urban Legend” refers to a recently developed series of beers the Richmond brewery is bringing out as it closes in on its twentieth year of brewing.  The series includes a doppelbock, released earlier this year, a saison, which is out in some markets now, and one called Locomotive 231, a California Common style beer, which turns out will be the one making its way to Microfestivus. A California Common (or Steam Beer) beer is basically a lager which has been fermented at warmer temperatures than what lagers would.  (Particular kinds of lager yeast strains that work well at those temperatures are typically used to brew this type of beer.)  This produces a beer that by strict definition has the toasted grain malt character which is found in many lagers but also can feature plenty of bitterness and hop flavors as well, which are often said to be herbal or minty.  Personally I have not had a chance to taste this beer before, but the few comments which can be found on ratebeer.com are very favorable.

Yet another interesting Virginia craft beer to seek out at this year’s Microfestivus!


~ by thebeerroad on August 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “Microfestivus ’13 Update: A Legend Brings A Limited Release”

  1. Can’t wait! Its going to be a great event. Thanks for all the advance details!

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