A Greensboro Fixture Comes To Roanoke

natty_greenesAny list of common destinations for Roanoke natives would almost certainly include Greensboro, North Carolina.  Given that city’s well known shopping possibilities, sports and concert related events, as well as it’s close geographical proximity to our own town, you’ve probably spent an afternoon there or several.  At the very least, you’ve likely passed through it on the way to the beach.  If you consider yourself beer curious at all, or needed to grab a cold one after being dragged around the mall for five hours, as I have, chances are good that on one of those trips you’ve also become well aware of Natty Greene’s Brewing.  The brewpub which gave birth to a second location in Raleigh as well as a full production brewery has been a fixture on Greensboro’s scene since the 2004, serving up familiar beers such as their Southern Pale Ale and their Buckshot Amber Ale.  For those of us in the Roanoke area who recognize names such as these, that familiarity is about to become a little bit more concrete in our minds as Natty Greene’s is finally introduced to the Star City at the end of the week.

This coming weekend, Martin’s in downtown Roanoke will kick off Natty Greene’s introduction to the city, although the exact beers which will be on hand has yet to be determined.  Chances are good those listed above are good bets to make an appearance.  Also commonly found at least in restaurants around North Carolina are their Freedom IPA and their Wildflower Witbier.  All of the brewery’s beers as well as a detailed history of its growth can be found on its website here.  Exact times and whether it will be Friday or Saturday for the event at Martin’s will follow, so keep a watch out here on the blog and also, I’m sure, on Martin’s own website and/or Facebook page.


~ by thebeerroad on September 9, 2013.

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