Just In Time For The Weekend, A Beer Road and Local Roots Blog Pick: Boulevard’s Double Wide IPA

Local Roots Restaurant, Roanoke, VaEarlier this summer, Roanoke was introduced to a few of Boulevard Brewing’s beers as distribution for the Kansas City craft brewery finally reached the Star City.  It was a moment worth noting not only for the fact that their well received beer would be available to find easily, but perhaps also for the fact that the brewery is one of the most well known in the country, a fact underscored by its spot as one of the largest of craft breweries, usually finding itself hovering around the top ten in production year after year.  The inclusion of such a brewery here is also important simply because its puts another notch on the growth chart for craft beer interest here in Roanoke.  The same will happen when Sweetwater finally crosses over the mountains and lands here as well.

This is all well and fine, but let’s get back to the beer, right?  So far, the brews which have popped up have included Boulevard’s Single Wide IPA, Long Strange Tripel, Dark Truth Stout, and two wheat beers, their 80 Acre Wheat and their Unfiltered Wheat.  Also included is their delicious double IPA, Double Wide, now appearing on tap at Local Roots Restaurant.  Earlier this summer, I wrote that while many bigger, double IPAs can overwhelm with sweetness, taking away from their citrusy, piney goodness, or can, for some, be much too bitter for those new to double IPAs to comprehend, Double Wide might be as approachable as a bigger IPA can be.  The body is medium full, and the malty sweetness is clearly there but not anywhere near sickingly so, and the overall bitterness more than present – it is an IPA after all – but won’t turn your tongue inside out.  For myself, what takes center stage is the mix of citrusy and herbal aromas and flavors – apricot or maybe orange come to mind – and perhaps, as the brewery points out on their website, a bit of mint as well.

With these kinds of characteristics, it’s easy to see why Double Wide can be fairly approachable for non IPA fans, but can also please those who can’t get enough of them.  If you haven’t had the chance to try it, tonight would offer a great chance as Local Roots Restaurant has put the beer on tap, just in time to kick off your weekend.

Blacksburg Brew Do 2012Also, don’t forget that there is also a beer festival – yes, a beer festival! – is happening just a short drive away in Blacksburg.  Blacksburg’s 5th annual Brew-Do will once again be held at the First & Main shopping district.  If you’re planning on going, please be aware that much of the parking area at the shopping area is gone due to construction.  Check out the event website here for parking options as well as other information.  If you live in Roanoke, don’t forget that the SmartWay bus is an excellent option for attending the festival, and offers rides for as low as $4 each way.


~ by thebeerroad on September 13, 2013.

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