Craft Beer Made In Roanoke Just May Be Growing Again…

Yet another brewery may be adding itself soon to the growing number in and around the Roanoke area.  The most recent had been in April, when Chaos Mountain Brewing began work on what will be their site in nearby Callaway.  But less than twenty four hours ago, a Facebook page for “Big Lick Brewing” was created, announcing that it was “coming soon to Roanoke, VA”.  The page already has nearly 125 likes and in describes itself as a “…small (2BBL) brewery and taproom specializing in craft beer with an emphasis on variety. Rarely will we have the same beer twice…”.

The “2BBL” reference refers to the size, or capacity, of the brewing system Big Lick intends to use.  2BBL systems are relatively small, but such a system is generally intended to supply customers in a taproom only type of environment, or possibly through the sale of growlers.  Such a brewing size would seem to firmly put Big Lick in the nanobrewery category, which has been an fast growing segment of the craft brewing scene for several years.  Nanobreweries are often times started by experienced homebrewers who wish to take their beers and skills to the next level, without starting a larger scale brewery with retail or restaurant type distribution in mind.

Complete details have yet to be announced, but it certainly looks like the Roanoke area will gain yet another contributor to its developing craft beer scene!  Cheers!

The brewery also appears to have a website in development HERE.


~ by thebeerroad on October 9, 2013.

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