Quick Weekend Tap Update and A Bit of New Brewery News…

Here’s a quick tap update and recap as we head into the weekend!

If the milder temperatures we’re having this morning has you still wishing for a return of spring or summer (like myself), Local Roots has added Peak Organic’s Fresh Cut Pilsner.  From information from the brewery’s website, it’s their take on the Czech Pils style, dry hopped with regionally grown hops.  Reviews online point out flavors of graininess, breadyness, some possible lemony tastes, and a fair amount of initial bitterness.  The BeerAdvocate rating is an overall 84 (good).  Local Roots has also added Williamsburg Alewerks’ Tavern Ale, as well as Chimay Tripel (White), a complex and highly rated tripel (rated world class on BA.com).

1422414_421115061350926_585810418_nAdditionally, what looks like will be a final logo for Roanoke’s newest brewery has made an appearance on Facebook.  Founded by a couple of Roanoke natives and homebrewers, Big Lick Brewing Company is looking to brew small batches of widely varied styles of beer for enjoyment at their location, at least for the time being.  I think I speak for all the craft beer fans in the area when I wish them the best of luck going forward – keep up with their progress on their Facebook page!


~ by thebeerroad on November 22, 2013.

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