Chaos Mountain Steal The Pint And Champion Brewing Company Updates

Blue 5 RestaurantAt the Chaos Mountain steal the pint event happening at Blue 5 tomorrow night, two new beers will be featured alongside the brewery’s “core” beers.  So in addition to their Belgian Blonde style Cheeky Monkey, Mad Hopper IPA, and Squatch Scotch Ale, also available will be their new Biere de Garde style ale, “Toulouse To Trek”, which was rolled out only at the brewery last weekend, and their Quadrupel, “4 Mad Chefs”.

Biere de Gardes often are mentioned in the same breath as Saison style ales, with one often noted difference that they may be just slightly ‘maltier’, or a bit sweeter, than most saisons, which are often quite dry.  And of course, quads are Belgian style ales are often darkly colored beers, brownish to a ruddy brownish red, and are moderately sweet and rich in flavor, often featuring those kinds of “phenoloic” or “estery” flavors and aromas Belgian yeast strains are known to have a hand in creating, which equal out to those banana like, almost bubblegum like tastes that we know from these kinds of beers.  Adding to their complexity, they are also often known to feature dark fruit like flavors, comparable to raisins, figs, or plums.  Medium bodied and usually high in alcohol content, they are delicious and slightly dangerous sippers.

Champion BrewingI also noted on Monday that some of Champion Brewery’s (Charlottesville) beers have begun to filter into the Roanoke market.  Last weekend, Blue 5 put their “Killer Kolsch” on draft.  Cans of this beer as well as their very good “Missile” IPA may begin to start showing up this weekend in the area, at local bottle shops, next weekend at the possible latest.


~ by thebeerroad on May 22, 2014.

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