Weekend Tap Update: One of Virginia’s Finest Ales, Perennial Brewing’s Regalia Kick Off The Weekend

Williamsburg Alewerks Bitter ValentineMost Virginia craft beer fans would not likely argue that Williamsburg AleWerks’ Bitter Valentine is one of the among best Virginia produced beers in the state, and certainly one of our finest Imperial IPAs, if not beyond.  Tonight, Blue 5 is adding the well rated beer to their draft line up along with a couple from Allagash, their Victor and Victoria ales.

Bitter Valentine is a gorgeous beer first off, sporting a vibrant orange-red/amber color that seems to glow from a light within the beer.  After pouring, piney and grapefruity aromas can often be picked up from arms length and the taste is deliciously more of the same.   A thread of sweetness runs throughout, complimenting instead of overpowering the dialed up grapefruit and orange like flavors, which is too often the case with bigger Imperial IPAs.  I never cease to be impressed with this beer, and without a doubt is a standout for at least the region.  If you haven’t tasted Bitter Valentine yet, and pride you definitely owe it to yourself to try this well made beer out.

Local Roots has just added Perennial Brewing’s Regalia to their own draft line up.  The St. Louis brewery labels Regalia as inspired by farmhouse/saison type ales, and at 8.5% abv, you could consider this an “Imperial Saison” if you like.  But enough with labels.  The beer has a lot going on in it, including flavors of bright, orange-ish citrus, a swift hint of funk  (it is brewed with Brettanomyces) , and some bready, powdery yeasty flavors as well.  Bigger and a little sweeter than you might expect, again, it tastes a bit like an amped up saison, without the dry-ish nature, and provides an interesting tasting experience.  Local Roots also still has the latest Stone Enjoy By release on tap as well.

Allagash’s Victor and Victoria Ales both use a substantial amount of crushed grapes (Chardonnay for the Victoria, Cabernet Franc for the Victor, according to the brewery’s website) to produce a couple of highly rated ales that straddle the line between wine and beer.  Multi-dimensional in flavor and aroma, the Victor is even fermented with a wine yeast strain.  Both rate in the mid to high 90’s on RateBeer.com.

Roanoke’s downtown summer event First Friday’s continues to delve deeper into craft beer as it will feature, among others, three different DuClaw (Maryland) beers tonight.  Funk, a blueberry wheat beer, as well as their Bare Ass Blonde and Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter will apparently all be on hand.


~ by thebeerroad on June 20, 2014.

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