Microfestivus ’15:  This One’s For All The IPA Lovers In The Crowd

Microfestivus 2011#IPADay 2015 is today.  For true IPA fans, I doubt you needed an official reason to celebrate IPAs, right?  I know I don’t.

However, for those of you heading to this year’s Microfestivus, let me say this.  Just for kicks, I say we “officially” plan to move this “official holiday” to Saturday.  Because by my count, there are going to be enough notable IPAs there to keep your tasting glass filled with delicious hoppiness all day.  Not convinced?  Here’s a little breakdown of just some of the IPAs and Imperial IPAs that will likely be available, grouped (hopefully) helpfully and accordingly, with a little info about what they bring to the table.

The Produce Department: One of the most endearing attributes for IPAs are how they can deliver all sorts of citrus like, fruit forward aromas and flavors.  Here are a few.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company Easy Jack (“Session” IPA) – Oranges all day. Also, is light, low abv, insanely easy to drink, with a mineral like finish.  I took this to the beach this year and never looked back.

Terrapin Beer Company Hi-5 (IPA) – oranges, nectarines, this is also fairly easy drinking with some pine and a dry-ish, crackery malt to it.

Troegs Brewing Company Perpetual (Imperial IPA) – Some tropical fruit and oily, piney hops, as well as slightly sweet, as you might expect.

Foothills Brewing Jade (IPA) – Slightly spicy (white pepper spicy?), melon flavors, and shadowy herbal aromas and tastes.

The Party Crowd: IPAs such as these deliver, of course, plenty of bitterness and ‘bigger’ versions more than a “solid malt backbone” to match…

Parkway Brewing Company Four Damn Fights to a Pint (Imperial IPA) – Boisterous and bitter, big grapefruit, malt to match.

Sixpoint Brewing Resin (Imperial IPA) – The name says it all, right?

Hardywood Brewing Company The Great Return (IPA) – Grapefruity, orangey, with a medium bodied mouthfeel.

The Well Dressed: While with others, that hop/malt balance is restrained, in a good way of course, lifting whatever hop profile the beer has to a high level…

Alpine Brewing Company Duet (IPA) – Nimble, deftly constructed, pine, citrus, and a perfect amount of supporting malt.  Just amazing stuff.

Big Lick Brewing Company Peace, Love, and Hoppiness (Imperial IPA) – I always hate to use the word, but for a bigger IPA, it’s fairly balanced.  Well placed pine and citrus, assertive but not overly so.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter (IPA) – Grassy, white peppery, spicy, piney, oily.  In other words, there’s plenty going on to enjoy.

Of course, there will be many, many others, including many Virginia examples.  Wild Wolf Brewing’s Primal Instinct, Brothers Brewing’s Hoptimization, Chaos Mountain Brewing’s Ultimate Warrior, South Street Brewing’s Bar Hopper and Parkway Brewing Company’s Get Bent Mountain IPA.

I’ll say it again.  IPADay, if not everyday, is most definitely being celebrated….Saturday.



~ by thebeerroad on August 6, 2015.

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