Barrel Chest Celebrates Their Anniversary With “Barrel Fest”

Last weekend saw Roanoke’s annual Microfestivus beer festival mark its 18th anniversary with the expected wide variety of beers and beer styles, which as always, presented a good way for those still getting fully into craft beer to expand their tastes.

Tomorrow, August the 15th, Roanoke’s Barrel Chest Wine and Beer is celebrating its one year anniversary by hosting a festival of their own, their first “Barrel Fest”, focusing almost exclusively on barrel aged beers.  For those who cannot get enough of the immense variation of aromas and flavors which placing a beer in a previously used bourbon, wine, or other similar barrel can add to the beer, this is a first ever event for Roanoke, and something that you should most definitely make your way to.  The list of beers scheduled to be available only underlines the need to attend, including gems from breweries such as Hardywood Park, Adroit Theory, The Bruery, Goose Island, and Avery, just to name a few.

The folks over at Barrel Chest also seem to have planned the event with a level of experience that can only come from attending functions like this before, selling tickets with not only with tiered times of admittance, but with a total cap at 250, so as to make sure “crowds are manageable”.  Noon tickets are already gone, and the next “level”, 1pm tickets, will only be available until the 250 capacity is reached.

The details can be found on their Facebook page here, or more specifically on the event portion of that page here.  I’m sure the store will also keep everyone updated on the availability of tickets on those pages as well.


~ by thebeerroad on August 14, 2015.

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